Скачать BungeeCord форк — WaterFall

Что такое WaterFall

WaterFall — это форк BungeeCord содержащий некоторые новые фичи. Например исправлены некоторые баги и улучшена производительность.

на момент написания статьи:

  • Allow owners to remove servers or change addresses on reload
  • Tab Complete throttling
    • Some badly coded plugins take a lot of CPU to do tab-complete
    • Bad people can take advantage of this and overload your server by spamming tab-complete packets
  • Enable TCP_NODELAY to reduce latency
  • Removed the security manager
    • There is very limited benefit in having the security manager at present
    • It can be easily disabled by experts, and badly behaved plugins can affect you in worse ways
  • Allow configuration of the log file path/filename
    • If you have bungee on a SSD, you can configure the log to be on a regular hard drive
  • Include Iceee’s patch for limiting GC spikes
  • Set a more reasonable Recycler Capacity
  • Default Netty Recycler capacity is 262k~, resulting in major memory consumption over long runtimes that will never free.
  • Allow modification of messages with a messages.properties files
  • Better Forge compatibility
    • Negative packet IDs are supported
    • IP forwarding support (for Sponge)
  • Faster event execution
  • Allow tab-complete from console
  • Fix issues with legacy ping packets, causing CorruptedFrameException
    • See issue #27 for more info
  • Several performance tweaks
  • Many other bug fixes

Скачать WaterFall 1.8 — 1.10 с нашего сайта (тык)

Скачать последний билд waterfall можно здесь — ci.aquifermc.org/job/Waterfall/


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